People. Energize. Power.

A distributed peer-to-peer energy ecosystem directly connecting the user to the supplier.

Energy with PEP!

Global warming is upon us and governments and power industries aren’t doing enough to protect our planet.

The problem

The current power system fails to provide new value to end users

Highly regulated

Centralized solutions - no focus on consumer needs!

Missing skills of current players do not allow for disruption

Mono - and oligopolistic business models!


The future power system will be a community-oriented P2P ecosystem, based on blockchain with micro grids:

Our approach

Building an international, innovative ecosystem which will revolutionize the use of power with...

User-, trader,- and open-source communities

P2P marketplace for P2P power trading

Blockchain with multi-token layer

Products with estimated and real data based on soft- and hardware

Our goals

By 2023, Peer-Energy AG has acquired more than 1 million platform users in over 10,000 local energy communities and in over 100 countries.

All of whom are committed to a “Power Supply Independence Day” - i.e. they all strive for an independent power supply solution

International orientation of products and services right from the beginning

Worldwide markets accessible through innovative over-the-top model, instead of regulatory impossibility of peer-to-peer trade

Revenues based on platform usage

Value captured from network expansion

Track Record

Creativity and Innovation is part of our DNA



Prototype "Change38" in Gachnang (CH) CHF 30,000 granted by Canton of Thurgau


Peer2Peer Centralized

Pilot Project "Change 38" in Basel (CH) CHF 350,000 granted by Swiss Federal Office of Energy


Peer2Peer Distributed

The team pursues the future with the P2P approach based on blockchain technology

Our people

Robert Bühler

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairmen of the Board of Directors

Martin Hug

Business Administration Manager

Peter Reiser

Head of ICT

Patrick Röllin

Technical Allrounder

Dr. Stefano Coss

Senior Energy Expert

Blockchain in der integrierten Energiewende